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Welcome to 100MG

100MG operates all managed vessels in the safest and most efficient manner possible in order to meet the requirements of shipowners, flag states, port states, class societies, charterers and other stakeholders in full compliance with the International Safety Management Code. We focus on maximising availability and loss prevention through Close interaction between onboard personnel and highly experienced shore-based engineering and marine teams Effective planned maintenance and procurement systems.
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Our Services

Maritime Services

100MG HEALTHCARE AND MARINE SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED focuses on providing companies with established and modern techniques for improving personnel and organisational efficiency and safety both ashore and onboard ships.

Logistics Services

Our customers benefit from a keen combination of logistics- and forwarding services, including a clear,fast, and flexible execution achieved by simplifying the process chain and minimizing the number ofinvolved parties.

Current Vacancies

Chemical Tanker

Master / Chief Officer Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer.

Oil Tanker

Master / Chief Officer Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer.

Dry Fleet

Master / Chief Officer Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer.

Crew Required

Master / Chief Officer Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer.

Other Shore Vacancies

An operations manager
Drilling superintendent
Administrative manager
Car drivers
Local agents
Warehouse men
Administrative staff
Radio operators
Two or more drilling superintendents or foremen
Drilling engineers
A geologist
Possibly an administrator

Director's Message

Abhuday Pratap Singh

CEO / Founder
Progress for me has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. It is with this belief that I started 100MG HEALTHCARE AND MARINE SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED in 2020, a company that was in the business of Maritime & Logistics . Almost instantly, 100MG HEALTHCARE AND MARINE SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED became a prominent name in its business segment, but like every entrepreneur sticks to their dream, I always wanted to push my company to more prosperous milestones. More than being a global player, I always perceived my company as a unit that could make a difference with its quality and competitively priced products. Taking a path less traveled, I expanded 100MG into Export-Import and Shipping, a highly sensitive business that requires a high amount of technical know-how, expertise and specialized knowledge.
Overcoming challenge after challenge with the support of my brilliant team, I have been successful in bringing 100MG to a new milestone of global recognition.
The journey of 100MG is never ending. But with the support of my team and clients, I am confident that the company will continue to scale milestones of excellence for years to come.


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+91 94995 49501