About Us

100MG HEALTHCARE AND MARINE SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED was founded in 2020 by industrial management and human resource consultants with experience and interest in the shipping industry,together with consultants with extensive competence in the maritime industry.

Combining these competencies, 100MG HEALTHCARE AND MARINE SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED focuses on providing companies with established and modern techniques for improving personnel and organisational efficiency and safety both ashore and onboard ships. This has materialised in unique and successful concepts, covering all levels of human performance and especially developed for international multicultural use by the maritime industry.

Today 100MG HEALTHCARE AND MARINE SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED is serving international shipowners who employ officers and crew from both East and West.100MG Healthcare and Marine Services OPC Pvt Ltd is an integrated maritime solutions leader, with a strong heritage spanning more than 20 years in the shipping industry, and trusted as a partner by responsible and demanding customers worldwide.Managing a fleet of 60 vessels, 20, employees enable the delivery of safe, reliable and efficient ship management services through a network of ten ship management, 5 crew service and five wholly-owned maritime training centres across the world. Alongside comprehensive shipmanagement services, 100MG offers a suite of complementary maritime solutions that are customised to meet individual customer requirements. Focused on enabling business partners to achieve their objectives through the application of knowledge, experience and innovation, our commitment to every customer is: Maximum vessel availability, safety, reliability and efficiency to achieve higher income at the lowest possible operating cost Protection of reputation through integrity, full compliance and a top quartile safety and performance record Transparency and ready access to vessel information through proprietary 'Customer Web Access' software.



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